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The Importance Of Healthcare Marketing

The Importance Of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

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Healthcare marketing forms the main crust of any sustainable growth. In the absence of healthcare marketing, you wouldn’t get new patients and the old ones will gradually reduce. The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. In times past, the industry was volume-based and it revolved around physicians; it now revolves around patients and it’s quality-based. There’s a high chance that an area is populated with several healthcare practices that offer similar services. Marketing puts you ahead of the competing pack in the eyes of potential patients.

How healthcare marketing works.

Patients have a wide range of options when it comes to healthcare services and they certainly aren’t compelled to use a specific physician or clinic. When you market your healthcare practice, you open a direct line of communication with patients with a view to building trust and catching their fancy. Healthcare marketing provides a means of building long-term relationships via direct communication with patients. A successful healthcare marketing campaign results in excellent patient engagement which eventually contributes to a profitable practice.

Healthcare marketing systems effects quality care for patients in all facets of your practice; facets like social media channels, websites, representatives for patient engagement and personalized physician care. The most appropriate way to know the working mechanics healthcare marketing is by visualizing the patient as a customer. Customers have a myriad of options, why should they opt for yours? The answer to that question lies in your marketing strategy.

Your brand will suffer if you have a poor marketing strategy. Your healthcare practice work is definitely comparable to brands in other industries. Patients are the focal point of the healthcare industry today and you would do well to impress the patients so as to enhance your brand.

Marketing statistics of Healthcare

  • 88% of people looking for information related to health begin with search engines – Google Complete Treatment Study.
  • 48% of patients take more than 2 weeks to make adequate research before scheduling an appointment – Google Complete Hospital Study.
  • 57% of baby boomers have made inquiries about information on healthcare and wellness – Inside Look at Boomer Healthcare Consumers.
  • Prospective clients pay close attention to these areas when making inquiries about a doctor or medical healthcare provider:
    • 94% reputation of the facility
    • 90% insurance acceptance by the facility
    • 86% recommendation from another physician
    • 85% make use of the latest technology
    • 51% recommendation by family or friends

When patients come across a paid ad during their search, they do the following:

  • 26% get more information through further searches
  • 38% initiate the process of research
  • 39% visit the advertised treatment center’s website
  • 36% consider one of the advertised treatment centers

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