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Keep your office running smoothly and patient satisfaction high as you acquire and retain patients. We take care of all the web services to grow your patient pool.

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We provide a wide range of healthcare marketing services, from expert medical SEO  (search engine optimization) and content marketing to management of Google ads and online doctor reviews to social media engagement and growth.


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Caring for all your Practice needs.

Your practice will receive more exposure, more leads, more live calls, and more patients.

Web Design & Development

Web design is the number one ROI. We deliver world-class web design services.

HIPAA & ADA Compliance

We ensure that your Practice maintains an ADA and HIPAA compliant website.

All-in-One Solution

For a flat-rate fee, we will manage all of your IT Services, Web, and Marketing.

Video Production

Healthcare video production, high-quality videos for healthcare organizations.

Our Mission

In the face of disruption, how do you remain relevant?

Working with TeleHealth IT can be a magical experience. To grow your practice and increase profits, we work to advance your brand’s voice across multiple channels.

By employing innovative strategies and ensuring precise delivery, we ensure that you remain relevant in the face of disruption. No matter what direction you need assistance with, we have knowledgeable “Experts” who are able to develop a successful strategy for your business based on Google Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, Web Design and Development (and much more).

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