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Six Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best For Your Healthcare Website

Six Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best For Your Healthcare Website

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A common question that keeps hovering over one’s mind is, “Why to use WordPress instead of other platforms?” If you are looking forward to having a great website that is easy, secure, and safe to use, but you are stuck in deciding which particular platform to opt for, WordPress is the best option. This article will put you through why you should always opt for WordPress (the self-hosted WordPress, popularly known as and how you can make maximum and optimized use of it.

It is a popular misconception amongst people that WordPress is only useful for blogs. This is untrue as WordPress is far useful beyond blogging. This misconception is common because WordPress started majorly as a tool for blogging. However, WordPress has technologically advanced and developed to become a standard content management system, known as CMS, and a great website builder.

WordPress has been so great to use that so many high rated brands make use of WordPress to fuel their various sites. Brands like Facebook, Disney, Sony, Time Magazine, The New York Times, amongst many others, use WordPress very well.


So you could understand why you should always opt for WordPress, the following few reasons, amongst many other reasons, are what you should know.

WordPress is much easy to use.

WordPress is just the right platform to choose when it comes to customizing with the use of themes and plugins easily without dealing with such complications.

WordPress is widely known to be very easy to use, even amongst people whose knowledge is not tech-based.

It is recorded that more than 32% of all the websites on the internet make use of WordPress.

To use WordPress successfully and excellently, you do not automatically have to be a professional in Engineering or enroll for a course training in Engineering. It’s as simple as that!

The platform is designed and loaded with many models that makes choosing the best one that suits your need very easy for you. These models are also known as “themes.” They afford you the chance to easily edit such that you can design the set-up to suit your taste.

WordPress also comes with Plugins. Plugins are used to add more technical functionalities to your websites. With the use of WordPress plugins, you can also transform your website into a platform that is entirely new and innovative.

WordPress is entirely free to use.

If you are looking to having a good looking website but at the same time trying to save costs, WordPress is the right plug for you. Being an entirely free software affords you the chance to create your sites, blogs, or online stores freely.

The essential things that you would need for the installation is a domain name and web hosting. Once you have these, you can download WordPress for free.

WordPress is perfect for Search Engine Optimization.

Because WordPress is written with the use of a high-level policy-abiding code and affected individual results, search engines including Google and others, find WordPress highly accommodation.

Today, WordPress sites are high-ranking compared with other search tools, and an even much better satisfaction can be derived with the use of WordPress SEO plugins.

Using WordPress Requires Fewer Efforts in Management and Organization.

Managing WordPress is not a thing to be evener stressed or bothered about. Its system is usually loaded with lots of built-in updates that make it easy to update your themes and plugins with little stress. It also creates an avenue for you to secure your data by making use of WordPress plugins to create backups and safely store them automatically.

It also gives you notifications each time a new version of WordPress is out. This allows you always to keep your site updated.

WordPress Supports Different Types of Media

As against the issues you are likely to find on other platforms, WordPress easily handles variations of media.

It does not just deal with texts but also supports other media like videos, audios, and images.

You can easily insert your media from other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others by simply pasting the URL from WordPress’s platform.

WordPress is Reasonably Protected

Though the internet is generally known as not too safe, WordPress is designed to safeguard and secure your data in a high manner. It is usually known to be one of the safest places you can be.


There are a whole lot of ways to use WordPress. It can be used for websites, blogs, online marketing, and many others. WordPress can be used to launch a business, create a business or membership website; it can be used to launch an online store, sell and buy online products, amongst others.

WordPress is loaded with many benefits, and it can be used in many ways. Therefore, the next time you are considering opening a site, a blog, or an online store, you should opt for WordPress.

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