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Your website should be designed with your patients in mind, not your members of staff. It is easy to take yourself and your staff into account when building a website. You should remember the main reason you are putting out a website in the first place is for your patients. These days, healthcare consumers and patients demand information easily. They want to be able to book appointments with a few clicks, saving them the stress of going to the hospital to get one. We understand that your website has to convert those potential appointments into real appointments. This is why we make provision for them to book while leading a strong call to action so they do more than just stop at booking alone. We also make it easy for them to find whatever information would help them on the website, so the process becomes easier. Information like appointment time and contact details are displayed, so they can easily book in seconds.

Don’t just have a responsive website, go the extra mile.

Responsive design isn’t alien to the digital sphere. As a matter of fact, it became a benchmark of web design ever since it was recognized in 2012 by Google as an excellent strategy for mobile-optimized websites. In the healthcare sector, many websites still appear traditionally, as practitioners do not feel so excited about changing them. Change can be hard, but it is necessary.

If you want to reach a wider audience, your site has to be responsive. Wherever they access your website, it has to be easy for your prospects to navigate. If it is not, it might just end frustrating them and hurting your brand.

The use of computers to look for information or browse is declining rapidly as more people are switching to their phones. With a responsive site, you can attract and keep these potential clients, even though such sites are a bit expensive.

What will keep your patients coming back to your website? Content.

Your patients could come across your site when they are looking for something or because they want to book an appointment. However, if you do not want them to just be one-time visitors you have to make sure there is engaging content on your site. Apart from being engaging, it should be relevant to their needs. Any visitor coming to your website should be able to showcase past and present content that might be useful to them. Giving them up-to-date content about the nitty-gritty of your medical practice shows you know what you are doing and makes you appear more credible. Putting out educative content on your site gives your patients something else to look at, can also attract potential patients to your website. With this, you can be sure that you will always have patients coming to you.

First impressions are always important: showcase professionalism and give your patients a reason to know you better.

The medical profession is not a sloppy one, you cannot afford to look unprofessional even from the first instance. The same applies to your website. Your website should immediately exude a level of professionalism and should look like something people were willing to trust, any time of the day. If you think that you look online does not matter, how about this. Reports at that about 87%of patients look up their doctors first before going ahead to book an appointment with them. Check your website and note how it is being viewed by prospective patients, your colleagues, and of course your competition.

Our Responsive Healthcare Web Design Process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Web Development
  • The fusing of Content Management Systems
  • CRM Software and Marketing.
  • Responsive Web Design for Devices
  • Usability and Browser Tests
  • A/B Testing

Whatever you need, even if it is an entirely new website for your hospital or a total revamp of your current site, our skilled web design and development team is always ready to assist you.

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